Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Wedding and Overheard Conversations

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No new dress for me. I just couldn't get it together enough to sew a dress. I don't want to rush with that gorgeous green silk. My beloved wrap dress in taupe with black scroll design was worn and well received. It's good to have an old standby in the closet. :o)

The Wedding
The Bride and Groom
photo from J Catherine Photography

The wedding was beautiful. You'll just have to believe my words, because in the rush to deliver the Baklava, I forgot my camera. The bride was dressed in an ivory satin strapless gown that dipped in the back, with beading details that hugged her curves, and flared into a mermaid skirt with a small train in the back that repeated the beaded detail design. Her hair was swept up and caught with a beaded comb that was attached to her ivory veil which sparkled with iridescent beads around the edges.

The groom couldn't stop smiling!
 He wore a traditional black tuxedo with black tie and cummerbund, accented with one white lily on his lapel. His facial expression changed from controlled smile to ear-splitting grin when his bride walked down the aisle. As the bride was overcome with emotion, the groom gently wiped away her tears of joy.

And, the couple chose to focus not on themselves, but God. There was meaningful scripture read, hymns and praises played, and a lengthy prayer at the close. When the pastor (the groom's grandfather) introduced them as husband and wife, instead of clapping, the congregation shouted, "Amen!" 

Overheard yesterday afternoon
as we prepared for my niece's wedding...

Son#2: "Do I look as gorgeous as I feel?

Son#1: "I don't know. I can't see you over my Awesome-ness!"

My boys, 12 years and 10 years, are hilarious, aren't they? I was cackling, yes cackling. I may have even snorted while guffawing over this conversation. These kids just crack me up to the point of gut-busting laughter sometimes.

As I was replaying their words in my head last night and thinking over the wedding, something occurred to me. Aren't we blessed that Jesus didn't and doesn't have these feelings?

We're so fortunate he doesn't say to us, "I can't see you over my Awesome-ness!"

If anyone has the right to say that, He does. We are blessed with His grace and mercy. Thank Him today.

Happy Sunday! :o)

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