Friday, August 27, 2010

Sew & Tell and a Little html Trick

Carseat Cover for MiniGuy
There wasn't a lot of sewing going on at my house this week. Alas, I was only able to complete a quick project, a carseat cover. It was super easy, and completed in about 20 minutes.

If your child's booster needs a design boost, click here for the original post and easy instructions.

A few people have been asking how I put my web link into the comments section. It's really very simple html. Here's how it works...

Click on the picture below to enlarge the instructions. :o)

When you've entered the command correctly, it will give you this (hover over Seams Inspired, if you click on it, it will direct you to my home page).

See? Wasn't that easy? I'm an html-geek-wannabe! I love learning new tricks like this. How about you? Now, go see what everyone else has created this at AmyLouWho and Lush Stuff. Be sure to leave comments. We all could use some bloggy love! :o)

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