Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carseat Cover

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We've carpooled for a few years with a neighbor. This year MiniGuy is going to school! He's been standing in the doorway watching his sister leave for school with us, anxiously awaiting his turn. He needs to ride in a carseat. Luckily, I still had our booster, though it was looking sad. I scrubbed that carseat base and washed the chairpad. Ack! Crushed FrootLoops, Cheerios, spilled Yogurt Tubes and JuiceBoxes had taken its toll. This chairpad needed a cover!

This is a very simple, quick and easy project. It took about 20 minutes to complete. Using the old chairpad as a template,
 I cut two pieces of fabric (one that was pre-quilted and had enough padding for the new cover) about a half-inch larger all around than the original. I placed wrong sides together, and got ready to sew. 

I used three 3-inch pieces of 1/8" elastic to form the loops that attach the front part of the cover to the base. Sandwiching those 'loops' between the two layers, I stitched around all sides of the cover, leaving a 4-inch opening to turn to the right side. I ironed my seams, and pressed the raw edges left from the opening. I top-stitched around all sides, enclosing the opening.

Using my eyelet stitch, I marked and made three eyelets for the back attachment of the cover. Punched a hole in the center of each eyelet, and I was ready to attach the new carseat cover. See? Quick and easy! MiniGuy is all boy, so airplanes are quite appropriate. What are you sewing today?

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