Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perseid Meteors and Concatenation

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The Perseid Meteor Showers began a couple of nights ago. I promised the kids I'd awaken them at the best viewing time, 4am, so they could look for "falling stars." Normally, I wouldn't dream of waking up a child in the middle of his/her sleep cycle. But sometimes you just have to do something extraordinary. How could we pass up the chance to view the wonder of a meteor shower? Alas, it was too cloudy to see anything this morning. We'll try again tonight. If you are a night owl, the best time to see the meteors is between 10pm and Midnight, in the NorthEastern sky. There's potential for 50 meteors per hour!

It's kinda geeky of me, right? To want to sit out in the dark during the late night or wee morning hours, just to see some 'stars' drop out of the sky? Actually there is nothing better I'd love to do with my family. It's a chance to create a great memory for them. It's also a chance to discuss Creation with them. I've been reading the book of Genesis. Tonight will be the perfect time to discuss God and his creation of the heavens. Go outside tonight and embrace your Inner-Geek. :o)


a series of interconnected or interdependent things or events.

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