Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love Notes at Lunch

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We did it! We made it through the first day of school! The school's computer program crashed midday; however, being the awesome and always prepared OCD Mom that I am, we were ready for any calamity, and completed our studies. LittleGirl had a fun day too. Notice in her photo that she 'had to have' her lunch tote in the shot. Makes all that Midnight Sewing worth it. :o)

Since LittleGirl takes her lunch to school, I like to tuck in a little note, so she knows I love her and miss her while she's away. The problem, though, is the notes get wet from the ice pack that's also inside her lunch tote. I've solved that dilemma for this school year! Here's an easy back-to-school project using fabric from your stash...an Ice Pack Cover with a Pocket for Love Notes.

Gather your materials
Main Fabric
Contrast Fabric
Fusible Fleece or Insulated Batting
Bias Tape
Piece of Hook & Loop Tape
Ice Pack

My Ice Pack measures 5½" x 4". Measure your pack and adjust the sizes if necessary. Cut out the following:

(2) Pieces of Main Fabric - 6½" x 5"
(2) Pieces of Fusible Fleece - 6½" x 5"
(1) Piece of Contrast Fabric - 3½" x 5"
Bias Trim - about 11" long
Hook & Loop Tape - Use a pre-cut fusible tab or cut a 1" square

Let's get started
  1. Using a warm iron, press main fabric to fleece. If using Insulated Batting, baste ¼" around all four sides of main fabric. Repeat with other piece of fabric and fleece. Set aside.
  2. Using contrast fabric, turn longest side under ¼" and press. Turn under ¼" again and press. Top stitch 1/8" from edge of fabric forming the top of pocket.
  3. Turn and press short sides under ¼". Turn and press bottom side under ¼".
  4. Place contrast fabric atop main fabric, centering pocket. Stitch ¼" around three sides, leaving top open.
  5. Place main fabric pieces right sides together. Stitch, using ½" seam allowance, around three sides.
  6. Trim corners and sides to limit bulky seams. Turn right side out.
  7. Stitch bias trim around opening, ensuring raw edges are encased in stitching.
  8. Fuse Hook & Loop tape or stitch square in place using hand stitches.
  9. Add Love Note. A 3x5 notecard, when folded in half, sits just right for your little reader to find at lunch.

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