Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Friday of Our Summer / Sew & Tell

Summer at the Beach...2004
Just look at my sweet babies! :o)
Summer officially ends for us this weekend. School begins Monday. Yeah! :o) That's not a "yeah" because I'm happy kids go to school. We'll homeschool two of our children this year. It's a "yeah" for the routine that we'll get back to again. I miss having a schedule to follow. My Type-A genetics goes crazy toward the end of summer. I thrive on keeping lists and marking things off. Having down-time makes me nervous. :o)

We met LittleGirl's teachers last evening. She's in this great team-teaching class. Son#2 had the same teachers a few years back. We were really on the fence about sending her back to public school this year. Honestly, I'll let you in on a little secret:  I'm not SuperMom. Whew! I said it! :o) I just didn't think I could homeschool all three kids this year.  Bringing them home one at a time to acclimated to homeschool like is what's going to work for me.

Do you plan something special for the last weekend before school begins?
We're having a Back-to-School Sleepover. The boys have friends coming to stay the night. We'll take them for a "Night Swim" at Yiayia's and Papou's house tonight. If you haven't taken your kids swimming at night, you're missing out on such a fun time! MarcoPolo will never be the same pool game again if you play it at night! Plus, you have the added benefit of zapping the last of that "sleepover energy." You know what I'm talking about? That energy kids seem to acquire when a friend sleeps over. They can stay up until all hours! LOL

Sew and Tell

The only sewing I really have is the Cupcake Dress for LittleGirl. I need to take snaps of her wearing it. She loves this dress. It's comfy and twirly, two requirements of anything I sew for LittleGirl these days. I want to sew more of these dresses for her. It was an easy-peasy Upcycle, that was also  fast to finish while using up some stash fabric.

LittleGirl wore it to Meet the Teacher Night and received many compliments. After her Clothes Assessment earlier this week, I have some more shirts to convert to dresses for her. Guess I need to add those to my To Sew list. What have you sewn this week?

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