Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hand Quilter...Not!

Well, I learned I'm not a hand-quilter. It's too frustrating! I pulled out more stitches than I left. I went back to my machine and tried to decide which decorative stitches I wanted to use. I was so agitated by my hand-quilting failure, I set everything down, turned off the machine, and walked away.

This morning will be a fresh start. I'll get this quilt done and move on to another project. I've decided I'm a Fashion Girl, not a HomeDec or Quilter Girl. The latter two just don't speak to my heart like sewing clothes does. I need to feed my creative side today, well, actually every day. It's hungry for fashion! :o) Like the photo to the right...this is the kind of stuff that talks to me. I want to not only touch that pretty dress, I want to sew one up!

PS...I keep forgetting to ask...Did anyone watch the Project Runway premiere? I'm intrigued enough to watch another episode. I'm excited it starts earlier in the evening. If you missed the first one, go to the Lifetime website. The show airs on Thursdays at 9pm.

Oh, and one more thing...my CONFESSION:
I know I've already confessed to hiding candy from my kids; however, I had to have a nosh of something sweet yesterday, and had nothing to satiate my Sweet-tooth. I made up an excuse that I needed something from the store yesterday, so I could escape from the house by myself and eat a pack of Skittles. I just needed them and didn't want to share with anyone. Alas, my guilt caught up with me by the time I arrived at the store. I went in and purchased some Spray Starch and came home without the Skittles. Darn that "Guilty Mom" complex of mine!
Go over to Twelve Crafts Till Christmas and CONFESS today!


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