Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clothes Assessment

This morning will be devoted to sewing some Back-to-School items that will be featured in a post later this week or the first of next week. In the meantime, I admit it. I've been putting it off for at least a week. I need to go through the kids' closets and assess their school clothes. We're homeschooling the boys via SCVCS, so their 'school' clothes can be more casual. LittleGirl will attend the school down the street, so she'll need to step it up a notch from her summer attire. I have found it much easier to separate the Play clothes from the School clothes in LittleGirl's closet before school begins. Eliminating the "Why-can't-I-wear-this? It's my favorite!" argument saves us from that Mother/Daughter battle which could ensue otherwise.

This afternoon will be devoted to appropriate fashion.
LittleGirl and I will pull everything out of her closet, try it all on, and divide into two piles:  Keepers and Givers. The Keepers will be re-assessed and relegated as Schoolwear or Playwear or Dressy Occasions/Church. We'll group bottoms, then tops, then dresses from each category, and group again by color. Sidenote:  I am so happy LittleGirl still loves pink and purple. It makes color grouping so much easier. :o)

The Givers will be assessed and divided. If you don't have a friend to pass your Givers to, consider your local elementary school. The school nurse likes to keep clothes on hand (especially underwear and pants) for mishaps at school. She usually has an abundance of shirts, but runs out of pants more often than you would realize. Borrowed bottoms don't make it back to the nurse's office most of the time. :o)

After our Closet Fashion Show has finished, LittleGirl and I will determine if there is anything she has to have before school begins. I'm not a big Back-to-School shopper; however, I remember feeling so good in new clothes (even if it was a uniform!) on the first day of school. I want my kids to have the same experience. Even though the boys will be homeschooled, I am planning on purchasing each of them at least one new shirt to wear that day. It's important to me to keep with the First Day of School tradition.

What do you do to prepare for Back-to-School? Do you buy all the clothes needed for the school year or just a few items to get started?

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