Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still Pondering the Green Dress / Follow Me Back Tuesday

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The more I study the details of the green dress I showed you a few days ago, the more I realize it's a bit too risqué for my tastes. LittleGirl looked at it and said, "Momma! That girl's crack is showing!" That's her take on cleavage. LOL! But her perspective made me ponder my choice. I think I found something I like better.

I like the way this dress 'flows' as well as the waist detail. I like the higher neckline too. I believe the bodice is pintucked. I haven't tried that before; however, I have a pretty good idea how to accomplish sewing this dress. I would have only one layer, gorgeous green silk, instead of a sheer layer with a lined dress underneath.

What do you think? Have you sewn pintucks? Are they difficult to master?

Happy Birthday, Yo-Yo!
A big shout-out to my nephew who is celebrating the big four today! I love this little guy so much. He's so full of spunk. And is he ever ornery! Case in point:  I saw him one day, and instead of saying, "Hi, Aunt La-La!" he said, "Hey, Yo-yo!" We've been calling each other that ever since. :o) He's a wonderful gift. I am thankful for the joy he brings.
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  3. Love the dress! I've had good luck with pintucking...just don't ask me to do any embroidering. NOT my thing.

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  8. Hi there! Happy FMBT day! That dress is beautiful...but I can't sew a thing. LOL Except maybe a button. Happy birthday to your nephew! Returning the "follow" luv!

    Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
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  10. Newest Follower from FMBT! I think the dress is adorable. I would wanna twirl around in it!

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