Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sewing Room Window is Dressed

Seams Inspired! Sewing Room Window - Box Pleat Valance
It's finished and hanging right where I want it! This project took me a lot longer than I expected. My life (kids, hubby, dog, etc.) got in the way this week. All's well that ends well, though, right? Having the window dressed has created a bigger snowball than just recovering the Ironing Board did. I want this room not only pretty but functional!

Today, I plan to paint a chair, recover the seat, move some furniture around, and possibly skirt a table. That's a lot to do in one day. I'm not sure I'll be able to complete all the tasks; however, I'm going to knock out as much as possible. If only I can farm out my kids...hmmm...Grandma, what are you doing today? :o)

How do you make your sewing/craft area pretty and functional?

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