Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Prayer for Kai and New Curtains

If you pray, please add little Kai to your list. He was born last week. This morning at 8:30am (EST), doctors are cracking open his little chest to try and repair his tiny heart. As first-time parents, I can only imagine the trama and worry Kai's Momma and Daddy are going through. I'll post an update when I hear from his momma, Mariana.

I've been pondering the curtains in my front room for a few weeks now. I've wanted to change out the dark colors that adorn my windows for something more light and airy to celebrate the summer season. Low and behold, I was gifted a roll of white fabric. There are yards and yards on this roll. Today, I think I'll whip up some new curtains. I'll post some snaps later. Happy Tuesday!

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