Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pattern Storage and Decisions on Fabric Storage

I only walked through my sewing room yesterday, not stopping to organize. My day was busier than expected. After visiting his doctor, DH was immediately scheduled for some extensive tests. We spent the afternoon at the hospital. DH doesn't like for me to discuss him in my blog, so I won't write anything else, just please keep him in your prayers. :o)

Kindacrafty asked me about fabric and pattern storage.
 I plan to use baskets in my armoire for fabric storage, but have not found any to my liking just yet. For my patterns, I use these:

They are portable hanging file boxes. These boxes are the perfect size for big 4 patterns! I use a separate box for different categories of sewing:  Girls, Boys, Ladies, HomeDec/Crafts. I like them because they have locking lids with handles. I can carry them with me when I visit my friend, Lisa, for an afternoon of sewing. I keep an extra box for carrying all my sewing instruments too. I found these at Staples. They are a bit pricey, but usually go on sale before school starts and in January. The box is called a Tote 'n Go. Disclosure:  I am not affiliated with Staples, nor will I receive any compensation. This is merely what I like and use for my pattern storage. Here is the link:  Large Tote 'n Go

What do you use for pattern storage? How about your fabrics? How do you sort them? By Color? Fiber Content? Theme? Yardage? There are so many different ways, I need to narrow it down. I've got to get cracking! I want to get this room finished, so I can get back to sewing. Check back tomorrow for more progress.

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