Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh to be Cool...

You know the old adage, "Choose Your Battles," is one I try to follow. So when the outside temperature began to creep into our house yesterday afternoon, I didn't say anything. I was thinking, "Good! It's not so blasted cold in here."

Doesn't the air conditioning unit always go out during the hottest point of a high-temp day?
We replaced our unit just a couple of years ago, so we were quite surprised to find it not working. And praying it wasn't the compressor or something equally expensive!  DH made a phone call to a good friend who happens to work on these units. He graciously came over to inspect our unit before retiring to his own home for the evening. After checking to make sure it wasn't a broken thermostat (apparently that's what you're supposed to check first...easiest to replace), he walked outside to check the actual unit. After a couple of nail-biting moments on my part, and sling-shooting a prayer heavenward for an easy-fix, our friend found the cause...

Eww! This nasty critter crossed the contacts and shorted out the wiring system, thus shutting down our AC! I know it's gross, but I wanted to share and pass on the tip our friend gave us. Spray or dust bug killer around the perimeter of your AC Unit. I guess this happens quite often. We are so thankful for our friend, and very thankful to have an easy fix to our hot problem. Needless to say, I sprayed around the unit last night. Hopefully, that will help keep us cool the rest of the long, hot summer. And a big shout out to Mr. Al! THANK YOU! :o)

My sewing has been fairly non-existant this week. I did stitch up a blue Pikmin for Son#2. Now LittleGirl wants a purple one. I'm not a fan of these creatures, but I like that my kids want me to sew for them. I haven't looked at organizing my fabric. We've had a crazy week, and I lost my momentum along the way. And I need to's a huge stress-reliever! DH received some distressing news regarding his health. Nothing terminal, but frightening to us nonetheless. Please keep him in your prayers.

I hope to find my inspiration and get back to my room this afternoon. In the meantime,

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