Monday, July 19, 2010

The New IBC and Snowball Syndrome

Ever have one project you complete, only to realize it would look so much better if you did 'this project', and 'this project', and 'this project' too? I call that the Snowball Syndrome. What started out as a New Ironing Board Cover (IBC) has turned into a Sewing Room Re-do/Finally Do....

Son#2 accidentally burned my IBC, thus a new one needed to be made. That's a simple enough project that took only an hour. I love it! It's pretty. It's fresh and floral-ee, er...flowery. It's got flowers on it. Here's the problem. It makes everything else in the room look mundane. I want my window covered with something other than a blind. I want my little shelves and cupboard to be painted. I want covers for my machines. I want. I want. I want. The Snowball Syndrome has begun.

I had already decided I had enough fabric for window treatments. I spent a couple of hours Saturday deciding what I wanted (a box-pleated valance), then another hour trying to determine the number of pleats, the length, and where I wanted to mount the board. I rifled through my stash to find some fabric for the lining, and then...I was tired. It was late. I decided to start  again Sunday afternoon.

I'm a big believer in gathering all your supplies before starting a project. Fabric. Check. Notions. Check. L-brackets and screws. Check. 1x4 board. Check. Wait. I'd better measure that board I'd been saving. Oops. It's three inches too short for this project. And it's late Sunday afternoon, close to dinner time. Everything closes early here. By the time I finish preparing dinner and cleaning up the mess, it will be too late to shop.

So today, now that all the Monday chores are complete, I'm heading out to run errands. I hope to have the window dressed this evening. And maybe the shelves painted, the machines covered. Oh I think my chair needs to be recovered too.

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