Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LittleGirl's First Sewing Project


I have everything cut out and ready to mark and pleat on my valance. Alas, I was unable to complete the sewing yesterday. Sometimes being a Mom means putting your projects aside, and helping your children with one of theirs.

LittleGirl was all over me yesterday! She was underfoot, chatty about everything/nothing, and basically needing some attention. She likes to go through my fabric when I'm playing in my sewing room. She pulled out a pretty pink scrap and asked if it was enough for a skirt for Samantha, her doll. I agreed it was, and then she asked if she could sew one.

Honestly, making a doll skirt is not what I wanted to do; however, I took a deep breath and smiled and said, 'Okay. Let's sew Samantha a skirt.!" LittleGirl proceeded to tell me she wanted to do it ALL BY MYSELF. After a couple of rounds, I relented. It's super-scary to allow a child to use my sewing machine. But you know what? LittleGirl did a fabulous job! I'm so proud of her. She was very responsible and took care to be respectful of my machine.

Here's the final project. (Click on the pictures to view close-up) Didn't she sew a beautiful skirt? Look at her straight stitches. Let's hear it for the Type A gene that was most assuredly passed on! LOL
This is a great first sewing project for a child. It's simple enough to complete in 30 minutes, which is about the span of attention most kids have. I will post a tutorial if anyone is interested.

The sewing bug has definitely bitten LittleGirl. Her mind is already dreaming of what she will sew next. I'm 'sew' excited she wants to create. It will bring her joy for a lifetime, won't it?

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