Sunday, July 11, 2010

Church of the Recliner and Relaxing in Front of the Machine

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On Sundays when my husband isn't feeling well enough to get out, we have church at home. I have dubbed this "Church of the Recliner." We all gather in the den and turn on the television and watch/hear a sermon. Anyone else do this?

Our favorite is Charles Stanley with In Touch Ministries in Atlanta, GA. Our kids like Joel Osteen from Houston, TX. Today we watched both. What's interesting is both men gave sermons on the same topic, but had completely different perspectives. Both sermons were about disappointment and discouragement, and relying on God to see you through those difficult times. Really good food for thought. Check these guys out. They'll step on your toes and make you ponder your life. :o)

Since it's Sunday, it's a time of relaxation. I can think of nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of my sewing machine and creating something new! That's my plan. How are you going to spend your day?

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