Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Box Pleat Valance and Giveaway Ends Tomorrow

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I'm working on piecing together my fabric for my box pleat valance. I've decided on five pleats. Because of my window's size and the number of pleats, I need 112" of fabric for the width. Do you know how to match fabric that has a repeat? I've done it before, but I always like to refresh my memory when starting a new project. Here's what my go-to sewing books say...


  • Match motifs from wrong side by placing point of pin through matching designs. Pin at close intervals to prevent shifting. Stitch, using an even feed foot to keep seam aligned.

  • Position panels with right sides together, matching the selvages. Fold selvage back at top of panel until pattern matches on both panels. Pin next to the fold at point where the design matches; turn fabric over to the right side to check matching. No other pins are necessary. Stitch from right side as close to the fold as possible. Keep fabric taut while lining up motif as pinned. Continue sewing without additional pins, matching the motifs as you stitch. Trim off selvages.
Singer Sewing Reference Library, (1987)
More Sewing for the Home, Cy DeCosse Incorporated, Minnetonka, MN

Because I'm using short panels (15½ inches), I like to use the traditional method for matching. I just feel better using more pins to secure. How do you match your fabrics when sewing window treatments?

On another note...I found some paint that matches the pale green in my fabric! It was on the OOPs shelf at the hardware store. A $33/gallon bucket for $5.00. Woo-hoo! They also had bunches of little ½ pint paints for 50¢. They were all pretty yellows. I had to practically tie my hands together so as not to grab them all. I settled on one buttery yellow that will be a nice accent for some shelves I already have.

I'd better get to work. There's lots to do today! Hopefully, I'll have snaps later this afternoon.


I buy candy just for me and hide it from my kids. And it's 'kiddie' candy...Skittles. They're my vice. Love, love, love them. I want the whole bag to myself (the big bag, not a single-serve size) and I don't want to share.  I only bring it out when I know they won't be around to see me noshing on it. :o)

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