Friday, June 18, 2010

Trip to Wichita

I'm in Kansas this weekend for a family reunion. I'm traveling with my parents. Daddy asked me where I wanted to go/what I wanted to see. Um, that's easy. The fabric stores, of course! :o) I stopped by The Needle Nook in Wichita yesterday afternoon. I thought I'd died and gone to knit fabric heaven! What a wonderful store to shop. It was amazing to be able to touch those fabrics instead of view them online. If ever you've had a doubt about the quality, I can vouch for the Needle Nook. Ann St. Clair takes pride in offering you the best quality knit fabrics. If you aren't fortunate enough to stop by her store, give her a call. Tell her what you are looking for; and she'll line up the fabrics and email you a photo. Now that's good customer service!

Looking forward to more fabric adventures...and seeing family too. :o) I even have a midnight craft project to share. If I can find a good internet connection today, I'll post another blog. Happy Sewing!

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  1. Thanks. I've listened to a podcast by another Blogger at She interviewed Anne here and in a couple of other episodes, too.
    If I ever get to Kansas again, I'm going to her shop! Enjoy your trip.


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