Sunday, June 13, 2010

Butterfly Skirt Sew & Tell

I actually got some sewing accomplished! Yeah! Thanks to AmyLouWho, I was inspired by her Sew & Tell series. It's very motivating to see what other sewers and crafters are completing. Go on over and take a peek! You'll be inspired and motivated too!

So, what did I sew? Well, it wasn't for me. I ended up sewing for LittleGirl. There are many, many cute patterns that are quick projects. I find it much easier to sew for LittleGirl than myself. SewMamaSew is having a Make It, Wear It! Contest this month. There are some terrific entries. I used their most recent Sew-Along to whip up a new skirt for LittleGirl. See the darling skirt below, and be sure to leave me a comment telling me what you think. Can't wait to surprise LittleGirl with this! Happy Sewing!


  1. Love the bright color in the skirt! Glad to see you are back in "Blogsville" :)
    Happy Sunday!

  2. So pretty! I love the orange color the butterflies!

  3. The skirt is adorable. I am sure the LittleGirl will love it. I like the color.

  4. I agree that it's much easier to sew for a daughter than for myself. Of course, my big girls can do their own now; but the 11-year-old is still a good subject for me. Even so, I like making "stuff" more than clothes. I thought I'd join the SMS Make it Wear It challenge, but I've not kept up. I did cut out fabric for some shorts for my youngest, so perhaps soon!

    I love the skirt. It's adorable. I'm really glad that I've found your blog...


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