Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two and Ten Years Ago...

      my life changed with just one breath. Son #1 was born. He gasped for air and blew out his little lung. They whisked him away from me and sent him to the NICU. It would be hours before I could finally look at him. It would be several more hours before I could actually hold him. Technology (and our Creator) is amazing. Son #1's lung repaired itself in the span of a day, healing under a tent of oxygen. Life has been a series of breathless moments since that day 12 years ago.

Son #1 has taught me so much. He generates excitement over small and seemingly inconsequential things. He's always been fascinated with the outdoors. At three, his favorite pastime was to lay in the cool grass under the shade of a big oak tree in our front yard. He always wanted me right there with him. One day as we were laying there with a breeze gently blowing, he was being particularly quiet (none of my kids are what I'd describe as 'quiet children') so I asked what my 3-year-old boy was thinking. Son #1 replied, "I'm not thinking, Momma. I'm listening to the leaves kiss."
Son #1 is all boy. He plays hard. He laughs at bodily noises. He likes to talk about gross stuff and make his Mom say, "Eww!" He's quick-witted and so sharp. I had to stop spelling out my conversations when he was four. He knew what I was saying! LOL He's an excellent student and motivated to learn.

And his heart...Son #1 has the kindest and most generous heart of anyone I've ever known. He's quick to help when we need to complete a task. Just yesterday, I was out at a meeting. When I returned, Son#1 came out to greet me. He simply wondered if I needed assistance carrying in my bags. Is that thoughtful?!

He looks out for his younger siblings. Even though his brother hangs on his every word and wants to be just like him, rarely does Son #1 tell Son #2 to 'go away' and act as if he's a bother. Son #1 even takes the time to help LittleGirl master a video game. He's usually gentle with his instructions. I think he'd make a great teacher. He wants to be a doctor. With his kind and nurturing spirit, he'll be loved by all his patients.

Know what I love most? Every morning since I met him, Son #1 wakes with a smile on his face. He throws his arms around me and gives me a kiss. Every morning. I'm not kidding. It's been the greatest 12 years and a privilege to raise such a wonderful child. I'm proud to be his Mom, and so blessed to have him in my life.

Happy Birthday, SamtheMan!

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