Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tooth Fairy and Sewing Room Clean-Up Continues

I was in such a hurry yesterday, I forgot to take a picture of the appliqued pillow I made. It was for our little friend who is moving. Yesterday was her last day of school with us. I stitched up the cutest pillow with a big "A" appliqued on the front. I had the kids each take a handful of fluff and make a wish. They stuffed their wish into the pillow. While we read a story, I stitched the pillow closed. 'A' was very happy to leave with a cuddly pillow full of wishes from her classmates. :o) It was a simple project that took less than 30 minutes start to finish. I see more of these pillows in my future.

LittleGirl lost a tooth yesterday. She's lost so many in the past few weeks, she practically has to gnaw her food. :o) She didn't notice her tooth was gone until one of her classmates pointed it out after lunch. Oh, well.

I assured her the Tooth Fairy would still visit. Just to be on the safe side, LittleGirl decided to leave a note. It's a little difficult to read, so I'll transcribe:

Dear Tooth Fairy - I lost a tooth but I swallowed it at lunch today. If you want, you can check in my mouth. 
Love, LittleGirl

I'm happy to report the Tooth Fairy did indeed stop by for a visit last night (well, early AM). She had no coins, so had to leave the only thing left in her wallet...a $5 bill. Isn't that ridiculous?! I guess that's inflation desperation for you! LOL

I've been working on cleaning up/cleaning out my sewing room. I hope to complete it today. I took before pictures to motivate me even more. I'll post those and some 'after' snaps too. Happy Saturday and Happy Sewing!

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