Monday, February 22, 2010

Savvy Cents Wallet

I've been complaining to a friend about my clutch wallet. While I love the patent leather and small design, it doesn't have enough organizational compartments in it. I'm limited by what I can actually carry in it. I've been trying to wrap my head around designing and sewing something to fit my needs. Then I discovered the Savvy Cents Wallet.

This wallet was contrived by my friend, Melinda. She's thought of everything. The wallet exterior is patent leather. I love that, because it's easy to clean. Why do I need an easy-to clean wallet? I have kids, and you never know what else is going to be thrown into your purse! :o)

The wallet also has a brilliantly designed full zipper. You can open the wallet entirely and easily find what you need. There are many pockets to organize and place all those Store Discount Cards you have to have nowadays.

On the opposite side, you'll find two windowed pockets for your Identification Cards. At first, I thought, "Why two windows? I only have one Driver's License." And then I realized how splendid it really was. I'd have a place for my School Volunteer Photo ID! That thing always gets lost in my purse.

Behind the windowed pockets, is an accordian-fold set of tabbed pockets. This is what sets the Savvy Cents wallet apart from any other wallet you've owned. The tabs can be labeled with pre-printed categories. Why is this such a cool feature? Because you can create and work on your budgeting skills!

If you've been feeling the pinch from the economy...and let's face it, who hasn't? Savvy Cents provides a stylish way to maintain your spending habits. After you've set your budget, you just place your cash into the designated pockets. When you're out and about, you spend only what's in your wallet...and only what you have pre-determined the amount spent is going to be.

The wallets come in two colors right now...Black or Red. There's a hot pink coming out soon. I'm waiting on it, because I think the Savvy Cents Wallet is going to be an exceptional tool for teaching LittleGirl how to budget too. She loves pink, and she'll have a way to save her allowance and determine how she'll spend it. A girl can never start too early on the road of frugality.

If you want to check out the Savvy Cents Wallet in more detail, follow the link on the right-side of my blog. If you order one, be sure to let them know where you heard about it. Bravo, Melinda! You've created a fantastic product.

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