Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Appliqued Heart Pillow

I tried Applique for the first time yesterday afternoon. It's not perfect...there are a few little puckers here and there; however, it's a good first attempt. I really don't use my machine to its utmost capabilities. The satin stitch is amazing on this machine!

This particular project is going to be a pillow for a choir friend. I used two music-themed fabrics (scraps from my sweet friend, Lisa...thanks girl!) and some black piping that was in a bag of sewing things that was given to me a while back. So, other than thread, this is a 'freebie' project! Here it is without filling:

See the puckering around the curves of the heart? Although I added interfacing to the heart itself, I think I needed stabilizer under the red fabric too. What are your experiences with applique? I love feedback, so leave a comment or applique tip for me! Thanks!

I'm anxious to try this again. Littlegirl has a denim skirt that needs sprucing up. Hmmm...perhaps a little bird at the hemline? Stay tuned for more applique projects! Happy Tuesday and Happy Sewing!

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  1. I forgot to take pictures of the pillow stuffed! Sorry! I will say that the recipient loved it. She's a sweet girl who is a little shy. I made this for her in honor of her first Praise Date that she smiled while singing :o)


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