Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Son #2 Celebrates the Big One-Oh!

I can scarcely believe Son#2 turns 10 today. He's been so excited since Jan. 1st. Every morning, my earliest riser creeps into my sewing room to give me a big hug and whisper..."It's only ____ more days until my birthday!"

This morning was no different. That sweet little guy jumped into my lap with the biggest grin on his face and said, "Momma - I'm 10 today!"

Oh, how I love this boy. He loves to love. His heart is so big. I'm so grateful he still wants me to hold him, and cuddle him, and hug and kiss him. So what does he have planned today? Celebrating with school friends and family is at the top of his list. We won't have a big party, just a small celebration with his siblings tonight, and a lunchtime treat at school. So, I just pulled a giant chocolate chip cookie out of the oven. I'll decorate it and join Son#2 for lunch at school today. Later this morning, I'll bake his requested birthday cake...Devil's Food with White Icing. We'll celebrate dinner with grilling Steak and frying some French Fries. (I'll try to throw in a couple of veggies, but it is a birthday party, so I won't be too adamant about it.)

I did have spectacular plans for a birthday quilt. After trying to put what I had in my head together in fabric form, I decided it wasn't working. I haven't sewn a quilt before, and this wasn't the time to experiment. I took the easy way out, and purchased a video game. :o)

I'm so blessed to have this child in my life. He brings great joy to our family. When he was born, I was reminded of this verse:

"Every good gift, every perfect gift comes from above"

It's fitting that this verse is found in the book of James, for that is the name we gave Son#2.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

I love you!


  1. He is too cute...and double digits! He's hit the big time now! lol!

  2. Love that spider man shot *L* Does he know you put that up there? Back when I blogged my heart out, my kids would always say "your'e not gonna put THAT on your blog ARE YOU?!? *L*

  3. Birdie - He has no idea! LOL I'm saving that one for his dating years. ;o)


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