Saturday, January 2, 2010

mp3 Covers for the Kids

Isn't it amazing to watch peer pressure unfold? My middle child has been begging for a music device. He desperately wanted an mp3 player. Since we decided that this was going to be a non-electronic Christmas, Boy#2 was seriously out of luck. Due to the generosity of grandparents and other extended family, Christmas cash saved the day. Boy#2 shopped around online and found the mp3 player he wanted. I took him to the store, where he not only made his player purchase, he also (Momma smiling proudly) had the forethought to buy a giftcard so he could download music.

He loves his new gadget. What I didn't count on was the other two kids having an immediate desire for mp3 players of their own. Boy#1 hammered me for 24 hours to go shopping and make his purchase. BabyGirl took the "Please, Daddy?" approach. Both tactics worked. Each child invested their Christmas Cash into shiny, tiny electronic gizmos that play music. These purchases presented a new to keep up with the minute music makers?

Today, I will sew mp3 covers/cases/capsules/containers, or whatever I decide to call them. I've looked around the world-wide-web and, surprisingly, haven't found a pattern for what I have in mind. I guess I'll have to design and draft my own. I'll be diligent and take photos and, hopefully, have a tutorial to post later today. At least I know I'll have some quiet time without being disturbed by outside noise...I have an mp3 player too :o)

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