Friday, January 8, 2010

20 Minutes and 8 Gators

If you need a really quick project and have some fleece, whip up a Gator! A gator is something like a turtleneck without the rest of the shirt. You just pull it over your head and have instant warmth around your neck. It's a quick and simple project. I cut out and stitched 8 Gators within 20-minutes. I love fast projects! This is so quick, it actually took me longer to write this blog than it did to complete 8 Gators. :o)

All you do is cut a 10"x20" rectangle of fleece. Before you cut, make sure the 'stretch' is on the 20" length. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together, and serge. If you don't have a serger, you can stitch wrong sides together, flip to right sides together and stitch, then flip again. This creates a 'fleecy french seam.' Or just stitch right sides together and trim as close as you can to the stitching.

Flip your gator right sides out, and voila! Your gator is ready to be worn. The fabulous thing about fleece, is that you don't have to finish the edges. It doesn't ravel. If you want a more detailed Gator, check out the Gator Project.  This is a fabulous way to help our men and women serving our country. My particular Gators are headed to the Triune Mercy Center, a local church that serves our homeless community. Find a need and fill it with this quick and warm project. Give your kids an opportunity to learn sewing. This project is great for beginners...quick, easy, and satisfying.

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