Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Visit

We had the best time last evening! Santa came to visit our home and neighborhood. It was so much fun for the kids. I loved seeing all the children shyly approach Santa and then get comfortable enough to verbalize a long list of 'wanted' gifts. My favorite request of the evening...Santa asked little Brian what he'd like to have for Christmas. Brian replied, "Wood."

Santa blinked, "Wood? What a kind of wood?"

Brian said, "Any kind. I just want wood." LOL I told Brian's mom she could help herself to my stash out back!

We are so grateful to live in this neighborhood. Tomorrow we celebrate six years of owning this home. We love it here! We have the best neighbors. Everyone is friendly and sociable. It truly is one of the best kept secrets of our town.

Keep stopping by...I'll be posting more pictures later this week. Merry Christmas!

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