Thursday, December 3, 2009

Praise High and PJ Pants

I'm still on a 'praise high' from singing last night. I am so blessed to be able to sing with the greatest bunch of God-lovin'-worship-singin'-praise-liftin'-group of people! And Christmas music is some of my favorite music to sing. I've yet to find words to describe the feeling in my soul after singing praises to God. It's an uplifted peacefulness in my spirit. I love it! That's why I call it a praise 'high'. Once you've had your soul lifted, you want it to stay there in that euphoric state of peacefulness and happiness. I encourage you to get your praise on!

I came home from choir rehearsal and was delighted to see this in my living room...

Now it's not how I would have decorated the tree; however, the kids apparently had the best time putting up all the ornaments. My oldest son proudly stated he put the star on top. It's a little wonky, but I kind of like the crookedness of it. I'm liking the haphazard look of this tree. I know every ornament was hung with merriment and love. I will do my OCD best to not 'fix' this tree to my standards. Though I may sew a new Christmas tree skirt. That one is looking worn out! LOL

Yesterday afternoon I sewed PJ pants for Tim. His old pair was shabby. I took the old pair, 2½ yards of flannel, and some elastic, and sewed up new PJ pants in about 30 minutes. These are super-super easy to sew. I used a tutorial from Instructables the first time I made PJ pants with no pattern. I don't think I will ever buy another pattern for PJ pants again. If you use your serger, it's even faster. I serged all the seams, and around the waist and leg openings. Then I turned the fabric under and topstitched the hems and waistband, inserted elastic in the casing, and voila! New PJ pants! Don't they look great?! And yes, he picked out the fabric. We were shopping at HobbyLobby one day and he said he needed new PJ pants. Their flannel selection is very limited. (I'd opt for MaryJo's or even Hancock's next time.) Tim says they're soft and very comfortable. Don't you just love sewing success!

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  1. Yes I do! Congrats on everything coming together as it should : )


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