Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Sewing and Santa

This is a post from last year, though still relevant for this Christmas Season.
because there might be some Mom's out there who are tackling the dreaded
"Santa" question this year.

I so want to talk about my holiday sewing! Alas, my family reads my blog. I'll have to wait until after Christmas. I am dedicated to finishing everything up by this weekend. For some reason, I feel this need to complete it all early this year.

My middle child was inducted into the SSS this past week. Are you a member of SSS - Secret Santa Society? My two oldest are boys and into spy movies and secret clubs. We wanted to soften the blow of Santa and came up with this idea. Here's how the society works in our home:

My kids have always known that Santa was St. Nicholas, a man who loved Jesus so much, he wanted to share with others and celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to the needy. They also know St. Nicholas lived a very long time ago and went to heaven. The spirit of Christmas lives on in all our hearts because we love Jesus too. Over the years, St. Nicholas evolved into Santa Claus.

Moms and Dads joined a secret society to celebrate the birth of Christ. They created a version of St. Nicholas, and called him Santa Claus. To make the event seem more magical and to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, the Secret Santa Society was formed. Special surprises and good deeds are done throughout the holiday season. The more good deeds you do, the more kindness is created in the world. Then the spirit of Christmas can continue throughout the entire year.

As a member of the SSS, you accept the challenge of keeping the magic and spirit of Christmas alive for little children (and some adults). You cannot tell other children about the SSS...only their Moms and Dads can tell them. Whenever you feel you might burst with the secret, you say the secret password instead, "HO HO HO!"

For our kids, we've always set about ringing jingle bells outside their windows on Christmas Eve. When you join the SSS, it's your turn to ring the bells. Our middle son will have his turn this year. Our youngest is very much into Santa and Christmas this year. Our older two are excited about being part of the Secret Santa Society this year. I love talking to them in hushed tones and planning Christmas secrets. They even want to ring jingle bells for the younger kids in our neighborhood! The excitement of Christmas lives on in our home. I thank my God every day for sending His son and giving me such a blessed life. Christmas truly is a time of celebration. Believe.

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