Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ornament Party!

My sweet friend, LeaAnn, invited me to an ornament exchange party last weekend. Remember my birds?  Each guest made...not purchased...five ornaments to exchange. It was so much fun! Not only were the ornaments a wide variety of themes (Santas, Birdhouses, Traditional, Beaded) the ladies who attended were just super-sweet gals.

LeaAnn's sister, Pamela, hosted the event. She had her house decked out from top to bottom! Check out the beautiful mantel. It's loaded with all kinds of bottles...vintage, new, clear, green, white. The bottles are filled with ornaments, and there are boughs of cedar tucked into all the nooks. I'm totally knocking off this idea for my mantel!

Pamela is quite the hostess. She opened her home (superbly built by her husband!) to us and expertly planned the day's events. Upon arriving, we were greeted by Christmas music and ushered into the dining room to place our ornaments on the table so everyone could admire them. I was so busy gabbing, I didn't get a photo of all the ornaments; however, here are a few of them. Aren't they grand?

Pamela had two trees decorated, one traditional, and one a snowman theme. She told us to pay close attention to the trees, as they would be part of a game we would play later in the morning.

The ladies chatted and got to know one another, and then we had brunch. Everyone brought a dish to contribute. I love potluck meals! The food is always good, because the 'chef' wants to provide tasty servings of their best recipes. Pamela dressed out two round tables for us in her living room. While we conversed and began to eat the festive food, Pamela quieted us down and read us a devotion from Ecclesiastes. We were reminded there is a time for everything, and how precious is the time we have been given. Pamela chose an exceptional, thought-provoking message to incorporate why we celebrate Christmas.

We finished our meal and then played games. Pamela gave us cards and a pen. She told us we had to guess how many ornaments she had on her trees. The person closest to the number won a prize. We then had to guess how many snowmen ornaments she had on her dining room tree. After the guessing game, we had a Christmas crossword to complete. Now, I do the newspaper crossword almost every day; however, this crossword was difficult! The naughty elf must've been sitting in the center of our table, because those around me started sharing answers. MaryAnn diligently ignored our cheating ways and went on to win the prize.
I guess my competitive nature kicked in about that point, because we started the final game...a word search. I furiously circled and crossed off my list of words...and won! See my happy (cheezy) grin when I got my prize, and then when I opened it! They're little spreaders with snowflakes on the handles. Too cute!

We then got down to business of exchanging ornaments. Pamela numbered us off and numbered the ornaments. Look at my basketful of ornament bounty!

I really, really, really hope I'm invited next year. I'm already planning my ornaments. It was such a enjoyable day. LeaAnn has the best family. Her sister, Pamela, is as sweet and dear and LeaAnn. I know where they get it from...Mama Ruth. Their mama is devoted to her children. She is adorable. She's the kind of mama who sits quietly and observes all that's going on around her. She sees a need and fills it. I need to follow her example. I'm more of the exhuberant-here-I-come-blustering-into-the-room kind of girl. Mama Ruth has the delightful qualities and grace I hope to acquire one day. Thank you, LeaAnn for sharing your family with me. I love you, girl!

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