Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Gift Bags

After school today (Sam is studying the people of the Indus Valley today, GCF & LCM in math, writing an essay for English, and more!), I'm hoping to go through my stash and find suitable fabric to make more gift bags.

I created these little bags so I won't have to buy boxes and gift-wrap this year. They're simple, but cute. I made them from scraps of silk, and used a decorative stitch in red.

My goal is to make bags for all the gifts this year. Eliminating some of my fabric will justify adding to the stash in the new year!  :o)

Here is a more embellished bag from last year using the same motif. I added a button closure and blanket stitch around the top. Which do you like? Are you planning to sew gift bags this year?

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  1. Ekf Yourself!! I remember that from last year. We did one but it was different. Arent they hilarious??

    I like your bags too...what a great idea. Then they can re-used by the receiver too. My fave was the top one becasue it looks older...might be the photo but I love vintagey things adn that one looked like something old.
    Great ideas!


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