Monday, November 16, 2009

Bird Ornaments and Another Gift Bag

It's Monday. Sam is busy at work with school. I'm so proud of him for being a diligent and responsible student.

I'm sitting across from him in my sewing room this AM, working on some ornaments for an exchange this weekend. My first bird was a complete fail. I chose the wrong fabrics. This time, I used red toile for the body and white chenille for the breast. I like it. What do you think?

Over the weekend, I completed some sewing projects. Ju-ju - you'll be happy to know that I finally finished your pillow shams :o) I also made a gift bag for my little friend, Ella. She turned three this weekend. She's a doll-baby with laughing blue eyes and golden ringlets that bounce when she runs. She's a girly-girl, so I thought this fabric was appropriate. I'm trying to use fabric from my stash this year and create gift bags instead of going out and buying wrapping paper.

Here's Ella's bag:

And here's the inside:

Happy Monday!

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  1. You can come see me at my bloggy if you dare. I'll warn you, there are no crafts (believe it or not) but there are some political rants. Feel free to skip over those. Most people do *laugh* Politics are the kiss of death most of the time, but I can't help myself...
    I did just start a new blog on being thrifty too!


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