Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Made it through the day

I made it through Tuesday. It is Tuesday, right? Today was my first day out of bed since catching 'the funk' as my daughter likes to call it. My house was quite upside down, but no one seemed to mind but me. Oh well. I did manage to sew for a wee minute. I still have a cough, and I'm tired of using my sleeve. I serged together 2 pieces of fabric with some flannel and a couple pieces of thin elastic sandwiched between them. Voila! A Cough Catcher. Now, I know it won't prevent the flu virus or any microscopic bug, so don't be sending me emails. However, it does catch my sinus-infection-leftover-cough quite nicely.

The rest of my day was spent picking up the house and helping DS with his schoolwork. I don't remember doing Geometry in 6th grade. I barely passed Geometry in high school. I never could wrap my head around all those Sine's and Cosine's. He likes and excels at the Pre-Algebra, but this unit is proving difficult for us both. Thank goodness we only have 4 more lessons to this unit! In a search to find some additional help, I discovered a great new math website called Brightstorm. It features videos explaining math (and other subjects) topics and then working some example problems. It's free to join. I'm sure I'll be using it again.

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