Friday, August 22, 2014

Zip Bag and Glasses Case

Remember all that sewing of quilt blocks & Mug Rugs I did last month?
These are a couple of the other projects I completed.

The Dotty Zip Bag was intentionally pieced with uneven scraps. I was trying to get out of my symmetrical comfort zone. This project definitely had my nerves workin' overtime! While I love how the zip bag turned out, the OCD in me REALLY wanted to straighten everything. 

I adore this pattern! It's from Flossie Teacakes, and it's the best tutorial & pattern I've found. So easy, even LittleGirl has sewn one. (Note to self:  Take snaps of LG's sewing projects to share on blog!)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thanks A Bunch! - Easy Teacher Appreciation

Bananas and Water Bottles seem kinda 'meh' for a Teacher Appreciation idea; however, it's not only's well received!

Even though we're just a week into high school, I wanted to give a quick 'Thank You' to our teachers. The first of the year is so crazy-busy-why-did-summer-ever-end-hectic, GreekC and I thought a little something to ease the slide into the school year was in order.

After scouting Pinterest for an idea, I found the lovely Mud Pie Studio's blog. Wow! Does this girl have it going on! Jumping on the banana bandwagon, I told GreekC, who is uber-crafty. Within minutes of our discussion, she whipped out Bengal-themed decor, cutie 'Thanks A Bunch' water bottle labels, and everything to deck out our teacher's lounge table. 

Here's how I threw it all together:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Day I Put My Kid on the Wrong Bus

Yep. True story. 

Almost lost a diamond in my Momma-Crown yesterday.

LittleGirl began Middle School yesterday. What a milestone. No more babies in Elementary. 
We've moved up and moved on...hooray! No tears for this Momma. I relished the busy toddler years and viewing the world anew; however,  I truly love the new era we're beginning. 

But I've digressed...back to the wrong bus...